Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have designed eBay store ?

The current design will be gone. we're going to apply new design to your eBay store. If you need a old design, please back up the design code.

How many times i can change the store design ?

You can change your eBay store design at anytime as long as you use our service. We keep updating the new animated desgin.

Do i need to upload my own logo ?

If you don't have your own logo, you can skip the step 2 "upload your logo". Your eBay store name will be showed on the top.

What if I need help or support ?

Here is the contact email : info@myPMIT.com

Does PMIT send SPAM email ?

No. we never send the email to the customers.

Can i download the design pictures ?

No. you cannot download the design pictures.

How do i unsubscribe this service ?

To unsubscribe the service, go to the application tab on my eBay. Click the other option on the right side and unsubscribe. If you are using our store desgin, you need to recover the original design you had before unsubscribe it.

What if i don't have a eBay store yet ?

You will see this message "User must have a store subscription.". and you need to subscribe the eBay store first.

What is the store basic color scheme ?

This is the eBay store default function. You can choose the color scheme for left and bottom pages.

Who provide the image hosting ?

The PMIT provide the image hosting. You don't need to have any hosting service for your eBay store.

What if i got an error message ?

If you got this error message "Error !! Please try again" when you submit the design, please try again and send us email ( info@myPMIT.com )

How to recover to the original design what i had before ?

After you submit the design, you will see the button "Recover Original". If you don't like the new design, you can recover the original whenever you want.

I got success result but the design is not updated

Even if you get success result, sometimes your store is not updated design because you are using the eBay store design by eBay. Please go to manage store under my eBay. and check whether you can add costom header html into your store. If you can add your custom header code, please try to apply our design again.

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